deal of the day find for July 20, 2015 deal of the day find for July 20, 2015 amounts for a savings of as much as $10.00 or more when compared to Amazon pricing.

The item of the day is a Lock & Lock water proof rectangular container that holds up to 550ml.  The locking lid creates a waterproof container for food and many other things.  The item only cost $3.29.

The link to the Stuff Hound Lock & Lock rectangular container listing and you can compare it to Amazon’s listing at $13.50.

What’s so special about this container?  It’s multipurpose.  It can be used for a wide variety of things including food since it’s BPA free.

I happen to be big into kayaking. I need containers to keep electronics and other stuff dry.  There are many other things on the market that cost many times the amount of the $3.29 Lock & Lock water tight box I bought today.  This is a find and deal for home, sports and other uses.

I bought into the so called SamrtPhone world the other day. I need a container to keep the phone safe while paddling and in my truck at work etc.  This box does the trick.  How did I find the box. I shop at the Korean food market and noticed they had a wide variety of water proof containers at extremely reasonable prices.  If I did not know already about this I would have never been able to find such a container to buy locally. I would have had to resort to using someplace online like Amazon and get ripped off and wait days for delivery. is intended to help people find Stuff they want and need to buy and not have to spend all their time, energy and money searching store after store after store.   Buyers, sellers and makers of stuff for sell locally can list Stuff they know is for sale in brick and mortar local businesses.

There are many power tools available to member at Stuff Hound to turn the drudgery of shopping and turn it around and make it fun and put power in the consumers wallet.

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