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Monday, July 20th, 2015 deal of the day find for July 20, 2015 amounts for a savings of as much as $10.00 or more when compared to Amazon pricing.

The item of the day is a Lock & Lock water proof rectangular container that holds up to 550ml.  The locking lid creates a waterproof container for food and many other things.  The item only cost $3.29.

The link to the Stuff Hound Lock & Lock rectangular container listing and you can compare it to Amazon’s listing at $13.50.

What’s so special about this container?  It’s multipurpose.  It can be used for a wide variety of things including food since it’s BPA free.

I happen to be big into kayaking. I need containers to keep electronics and other stuff dry.  There are many other things on the market that cost many times the amount of the $3.29 Lock & Lock water tight box I bought today.  This is a find and deal for home, sports and other uses.

I bought into the so called SamrtPhone world the other day. I need a container to keep the phone safe while paddling and in my truck at work etc.  This box does the trick.  How did I find the box. I shop at the Korean food market and noticed they had a wide variety of water proof containers at extremely reasonable prices.  If I did not know already about this I would have never been able to find such a container to buy locally. I would have had to resort to using someplace online like Amazon and get ripped off and wait days for delivery. is intended to help people find Stuff they want and need to buy and not have to spend all their time, energy and money searching store after store after store.   Buyers, sellers and makers of stuff for sell locally can list Stuff they know is for sale in brick and mortar local businesses.

There are many power tools available to member at Stuff Hound to turn the drudgery of shopping and turn it around and make it fun and put power in the consumers wallet.

Check out today.

See you online soon.

Happy shopping.

Make money selling Stuff Hound services

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Make money selling Stuff Hound services to local brick and mortar businesses in the region where you live, work, play and shop.

Stuff Hound is a social shopping network.  Buyers, producers and sellers can list Stuff at Stuff Hound so others looking for that Stuff can find it in a local brick and mortar type business.

Stuffy is all about buy local and save.  The idea is you and the people you know help each other save tons of time, money and energy when it comes to shopping locally.

By using the creative tools that Stuffy provides you can save some serious cash.  Rather than spending hard earned money and tossing it down a hole, you can search Google and Stuff Hound to find things you are looking to by locally.  It works great with things like groceries and most other retail items.

Members can create shopping clubs where others can help each other list and find items and deals on Stuff that other club members are interested in.  For example a club might be formed around a topic like farm fresh foods.  When the cucumbers are ripe and those interested in them in the club can find out.  Plus members can alert other members when items they are interested in are located.

Merchants and makers of things can also join Stuffy and list Stuff.  Then shoppers can find the Stuff for sale locally and order online, follow and be alerted about Stuff they are interested in.

Stuffy is a buy local win, win proposition and a powerful social shopping place for everyone that wants to buy local.  Imagine recently I discovered the very same butter is $2.50 less expensive at another local store.   That’s the power of Stuff Hound when it comes to sharing deals and bad deals with others.

Check out Stuff Hound today.

Happy shopping and see you at Stuffy soon.

Kerrygold Butter and how to save $2.50

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Kerrygold Butter and how to save $2.50.

When it comes to healthy butter Kerrygold Butter from Ireland ranks fairly high on the health meter.

Kerrygold butter is reputed as being produced from cows that actually eat grass like in the olden times.  But according to some sites like the Food Babe and Dave Asprey the Irish girls are sometimes fed you know what, GMO grains.  But still considering the comparison to factory butter and oh my god margarine Kerrygold still seems to be high in nutrients that the human body needs.  Guess what there is no food pyramid requirement for GMO grain fed food.

Besides the possible assume nutrients in Kerrygold butter the savings that can be found by using could knock your socks off or at least save you some hard earned dollars.  That is unless you think butter grows on grains and money on trees.

What I’m getting at is this.  If you were to use Stuff Hound you would soon discover this is a buy local social shopping where buyers, sellers, producers can list stuff for sale in local brick and mortar businesses.

When it comes to Kerrygold found in the Seattle Metro areas a shopper can find this healthier butter for $2.50 less at WINCO than at some other higher priced grocery outlets.

Check out Stuff Hound today and do a search for Kerrygold butter and see for yourself.  Plus you can learn how people that buy in local stores can learn to list and social shop with others to find stuff they want and need to buy locally.   Stuff Hound is meant to be a very powerful place for social networking when it comes to buy local and saving some money.

Happy health shopping from Stuffy.

Stuff Hound how-to get inventory online Kindle eBook

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Stuff Hound how-to get inventory online Kindle eBook called Get Brick & Mortar Inventory Online Today: How-to LOCAL inventory for LOCAL brick & mortar $ales is now available in the Kindle Store for a whopping .99.

The guide offers some insight on how and why to use to get your buy local brick and  mortar inventory online.

Once you get and read the eBook you will be pleasantly surprised not only how easy it is to extend the shopping opportunities you offer in your business but also online for your buy local customers.

StuffHound is meant to be a powerful resource for producing, shopping, buying and selling locally in the geographical area where people live work and play.

Check out the guide and StuffHound.  Then if you have any questions feel free to use the contact link at

Get brick and mortar inventory online starting today

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Get brick and mortar inventory online starting today or perish from the coming technology tsunami rushing towards every buy local small mom and pop business. is a social shopping network where customers that buy locally and those that make Stuff and retailers that sell in local geographical area stores can list their inventory online.


Buy local needs to move from waiting for foot traffic to magically appear in a business operation.  This technology offers a way for a business to get what they have for sale online. Then a business can not only inform customers to shop online and then come in and get the Stuff they ordered but communicate with followers of a businesses inventory.

Stuff Hound has a suite of powerful tools where sellers can opt into taking orders and also allow followers of items that are for sale and listed in Stuff Hound.  What happens is this.  A merchant can alert buyers that something about a item a customers follows has changed.  For example when something listed online goes on sale the merchant can alert all the customers that have an interest in the Stuff.  Merchants can also opt into allowing orders to be made via Stuff Hound and then the customer comes into the store when the merchant sends a message the item is ready for pic up.

These two tools create communication between buyer and seller and get those that buy to come into the store. More foot traffic can equal more sales.  Plus just having the Stuff you have for sale online can bring in shoppers that find you Stuff for sale by search either Stuffy or using search engines like Google.

Inventory is a snap to upload. Each inventory item gets its own web page.  Changes to the items online or from offline is simple to do.  Google and other search engines will index the Stuff you have for sale.

Check out If you think it might be a kewl idea to do but don’t have the time or skills guess what, Stuff Hound can do it for you.  All you have to do is ask.  Use the contact button at Stuffy to get further details.

How to use Stuff Hound publishes Kindle eBook

Friday, July 10th, 2015

How to use Stuff Hound publishes Kindle eBook called Get Brick & Mortar Inventory Online Today: How-to LOCAL inventory for LOCAL brick & mortar $ales.Your choice. The eBook at the Kindle Store is a whopping .99.

The book is a guide on some of the many how-to elements of using the various power tools available to Stuff Hound member users.

Stuff Hound is a site dedicated to social shopping where both customers can and businesses can list Stuff that is for sale in local brick and mortar buy local operations.

The aim of this guide is to offer some clues to businesses on how they can get their local brick and mortar inventory online using  Not only on how-to but the many reasons why a business would want to and needs to list inventory online.

There are many important reasons to get buy local inventory online.  First off learning to harness the power of the Internet to communicate and sell to customers is very important. There is a tsunami from this technology waiting to wipe out local brick and mortar businesses unless they learn to fight back using the power of this technology.

Check out the Kindle book today and of course drop by and start the easy and fun process of getting online and selling your stuff to customers from your brick and mortar today.

Deal of the day find at

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Deal of the day find at has to do with the cost of simple butter found at two different stores in the greater Seattle Washington area.

WINCO sells  Kerrygold butter 8oz for $2.49.

Central Market in Shoreline sells the very same product for $4.99.

The cost saving using Stuff Hound is $2.50 for this one item alone.

Users of can find deals and members can add stuff they know about like this product to Stuff Hound so that other members can work together to find the Stuff they need and want to buy locally in brick and mortar businesses.

Check out the power of Stuff Hound today.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the possibilities in saving money, time and energy using Stuff Hound.

E-commerce buy local web site at

Monday, July 6th, 2015

E-commerce buy local web site at features powerful web based tools for people that produce, shop, buy and sell locally out of traditional brick and mortar store fronts.

Stuff Hound is designed as a social shopping network where buyers of local Stuff and those that produce and sell it can list Stuff online at Stuff Hound.

Listing Stuff for merchants is quick and easy.  Merchant members can upload hundreds of inventory items that each get their own webpage.  Stuffy and Google will index the pages.  Then buy local customers can find the Stuff for sale in a local brick and mortar.  When allowed by merchants online orders for Stuff can be made and picked up in the brick and mortar that day.

Social shopping is about buyers, sellers and producers developing online relationships.  Here are few examples.

Customers can list Stuff in local brick and mortars.  They and others can inform people about the Stuff for sale locally.  Customers can for friends and shopping clubs.  The clubs are where people with similar interests and buying habits can assist each other in finding what they need to purchase locally.  Customers can follow items when merchants allow buddies.  When followed items change in some way the customers can be alerted.  For example if an item listed isn’t currently available because it might be seasonal or out of stock a follower will be alerted when the item is once again available in a brick and mortar.

The term brick and mortar is used here as an umbrella for farms, restaurants, delis, some services and of course general retailers.

There are many e-commerce tools that most anyone can use at when it comes to producing, shopping, buying and selling online from a local business in a geographical area.  You can consider Stuff Hound as you and your friends personal Amazon for buy local.

Check this puppy out today. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can do and how much time, money and energy you can save using Stuff Hound when it comes to buying locally.

See you at Stuff Hound.

Earn Income Selling Stuff Hound Services

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

Earn Income Selling Stuff Hound Services to local small businesses in the area where you live. is a social shopping site on the web where both customers and merchants can list Stuff for sale in local brick & mortar enterprises.  Places like retail operations, restaurants, delis, bakeries and some services can list their inventory online and choose to take orders and fill them in the brick and mortar.

Merchants can join and list their own inventory.  Customers can join and then turn around and offer Stuff Hound listing services to merchants.  It can be a great win, win situation for both merchant and customer.  The merchant gets their inventory online and indexed in both Stuffy/Stuff Hound and in Google.  Then people in their town or region can find the Stuff/inventory for sale online.  If the merchant chooses then can take an order and fill and the buyer can pick it up in the store that same day.

Members of Stuff Hound can add themselves to the “agents” list that sell the services to merchants. There is a selling section at Stuffy where there is more information.   Basically all a member has to do is join add agent in their profile.  The selling section explains some of the requirements when it comes to being a seller of Stuff Hound services.

Selling Stuffy services can be a way to earn some money working from home.  Members learn the ins and outs of how Stuff Hound works and what is about.  Then if a member/agent has Internet access and can work well with Excel or OpenOffice Calc they will have a great, easy and possibly a fun time selling and helping merchants maintain their inventory presence online.

Check this opportunity out today.  If you have questions there is a link in the selling section to request any information.

Happy local produce, shop, buy and sell locally in the area where you live, work and play.

See you online soon.

Pay $26 a pound for sea salt or .79 a pound? Your choice.

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Pay $26 a pound for sea salt or .79 a pound.  Your choice!

Yes it’s true. If you’re part of the so called 1% go ahead and make my day and fork over $26 a pound for sea salt in a grinder.  Or if you are a member of the 99% you can do the poor man way of buying sea salt for .79 a pound.

I’m not privileged to  be in either the 99% or 1% because I’m so poor that the .79 is expensive to me.  OK, I’m stretching the truth here a bit.  But I do say I’m so poor that I really don’t even belong in either group.  But I can at least dig .79 out of my pocket for sea salt.  But, what do I need a pound for.  It’s been said that when shit hits the fan that cigarettes, booze, salt and sugar will be things that can be traded. Oh and don’t forget drugs like marijuana.

Anyway if you don’t believe the prices check out the following links at Stuff Hound social shopping network.

Which one would you buy if you needed some sea salt?

You can check out where members that shop and merchants that sell locally in old fashioned brick and mortar style operations can list Stuff they know about for sell.

Get this.  As a member you can invite others to join Stuff Hound.  Then when you find a deal via Stuff Hound you can alert your buddy/friends. Imagine how much fun and money you could save.  That is unless you don’t like to have money and would rather through it all away.  In that case contact Stuff Hound because I would be happy to unload your cash if you don’t want it.  :)

Happy shopping from Stuff Hound.