A whale of a day on Port Susan and Tulalip Bay. -- Paddle Heaven

A whale of a day on Port Susan and Tulalip Bay.

Paddling Port Susan was alive with whales on Saturday March 19, 2011.

The paddling on this particular day and adventure was excellent.

The weather was perfect. Sunny but not too hot and the water was glassy smooth most of the day.

Paddling around Tulalip Bay was great.

Paddling up the coast line of Port Susan heading north from Tulalip Bay was perfectly smooth mirror like conditions which is rare.

With these perfect conditions spouts from whales could be seen along the Camano Island shoreline off to the west over a mile away.

There were several whales on the distant horizon.

From past experience I figured they would head up the west side of Port Susan. So I paddled fast up the shore to get a glimpse.

Yup, at least one whale crossed the expanse from Camano to the Tribal side of the water.

I was able to park along the extremely high tide shoreline and watch and listen to the heavy breathing as the giant came up for air not far from shore.

What a treat to see the massive critter feasting on the way north.

Was a perfect ending to a perfect day on the water while kayaking in Washington State.

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