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More Spring Time Paddling Adventures on the Columbia River

May 2011 has been a wet one here in the Pacific Northwest. The west side of the Cascades has been soaked since last here. The spring is weeks behind schedule. So it was time to get out of dodge and head over the mountains via Stevens Pass to the Columbia River to see I could find some some and paddling opportunities.

You’re being watched when paddling here.
Wenatchee claims to be the apple capital of the world. Lincoln Rock is the Marmot capital of the Columbia River.

This trip was a combination of wildflower hunting starting at Lake Wenatchee and down through Plain, Chumstick and on to Peshastin trough the Balsam, Avalanche Lilies and then the last of the apple blossoms in the upper Wenatchee Valley.

The first night out it poured rain while camped in Confluence State Park in Wenatchee. The next day it was a cool and sunny for paddling up the Columbia River from the Confluence in the morning, and heading south to explore the Horan Natural Area where the Wenatchee River meets up with the Columbia.

Here is a link Paddling Confluence State Park about paddling up the dam river.

Paddling Horan Natural Area Confluence State Park has some information of interest to potential paddlers in this area.

Last but not least the next stop on this mini adventure was to head up to Lincoln Rock State Park on the east side of the Columbia in Douglas County just a few short miles north of East Wenatchee. For some stuff about Paddling Turtle Island Lincoln Rock State Park visit the website. This is the land of Marmots in the spring. A nice unexpected treat to see the critters roaming all over the place when camping here.

You can check out other paddling opportunities in the Pacific Northwest in particular Washington State at for more interesting places to paddle and camp for a day or longer touring.