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Washington State public lands parking permit.

Starts July 1, 2011.
Supports our parks.

WDFW Public Water Access sites.

Paddling Gissberg Twin Lakes Park

  1. Put-in
    Launch fees, parking ...

  2. Summaries
    Location, conditions, warnings, paddle route, nature ...

  3. Provisions
    Food, fuel, firewood, WIFI, local information

  4. Accommodations
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  5. Additional info
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Twin Lakes Park has free parking and launching for car top craft like kayaks, canoes and other no engine craft.

The southern part of the lake, the second parking lot has some nice sandy spots to put in a short distance from where you park your fossil fuel dinosaur that brings you to the launch. Large parking area. But like most places you want to get there early since this is a popular park.


See the map provided on this page. The Gissberg Twin Lakes Park are in the Smokey Point area of Marysville Arlington on the west side of the I-5 just south of the mall.

Paddle Route

This paddle route was on a day when Truckee had to get a new radiator put in. While the surgery was gong on a buddy and I went to Twin Lakes Park to check it in the sunny warm weather. I am of course a big nature tranquility buff. This place is infected with freeway noise a few feet from the parking area. Other then that it was a nice little couple of lakes. I could see taking rug rats and others not familiar with paddling to this spot on a nice day. Good location in North Snohomish County to expose others to paddling ins semi safe and sane place.

Paddling Twin Lakes Park can be a good thing for beginners, family picnic paddle outing, practice paddling, and trying out new craft and techniques like canoes, canoeing, stand up paddling etc.

There are two little lakes that are connected with a shallow canal.

The lakes are lined with trees.

If need be you can pull out most anywhere because there is a walking path around the lakes.

Calmer more protected from winds. No currents or tides to deal with here.

Freeway noise. Lots of people fishing along the shorelines. So watch out for lines and hooks being flung at you. Duck and goose poop on land.

Believe it or not there is a far amount of critters here. Geese, ducks and their poop. Turtles, and deer plus and a variety of birds.


If you need anything you will find it in the mall next door. Costco and everything else except no sporting goods store. Hmmmmm You can have tires put on and paddle while they do the work. You could drop the kids off, if they are experienced, and shop till you drop at the mall.


For some budget camping, cabins, yurts, RV and hostels, check out Paddle Heaven's Snohomish County map and Snohomish County page of links as well as Paddle Heaven's Camping cabins and more.

Probably plenty of places in the ares if you do a Google search to rest your head on sheets.

Additional Information

Deliverance rating. Sort of an OK place with all the people coming and going. Don't leave anything in the car you want to keep.

Tranquility Ranking
One way to up the tranquility rank besides taking Valium, until a National Day of Silence, no fossil fuel noise, try hearing protection.

This is NOT the spot for hardcore peace and quite. Unless you come early and if the freeway is closed then maybe.

Fishing Reports, Stocking Reports & Fish Counts from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Things your need to know.
Read Me disclaimer, warnings, paddle at your own risk.

Click for Marysville, Washington Forecast

See some of the weather conditions in Washington State by viewing Web Cams in diffefrent locaitons before you head out paddling.

View Snohomish County kayak put ins. in a larger map

Approximate distance from:
Seattle 42 miles.
Everett 14 miles.
Bellingham 51 miles.
Vancouver Canada 163 KM.

GPS: 48.142584,-122.188341

Region: Snohomish County

Overall rating: 3 paddles.

Launch: Free parking and launch.

Launch rating: 5 paddles.

Parking: Free parking. Your taxes pay for it so use it. Washington State public lands parking permit

Miscellaneous Beginner up with proper guidance.

Route Distance: Varies

Highlights: Close to freeway, Marysville and Arlington and calmer waters mall shopping next door if you consider this sort of thing as an attraction, go for it.

Warnings: NOISE from the freeway.

Fossil fuel noise levels: 9 on a scale of 0-10. 10 being the loudest.

Facilities: Toilet. Don't remember if there was water.

Services: Tons of services next door in the mall.

Budget accommodations: Tent,Cabin,Hostels,Kayak Camps,RV,Yurt.

Some video clips of a paddling trip to and around Gissberg Twin Lakes Snohomish County Park on a sunny 8.13.10.


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