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Bowman Bay Deception Pass State Park
Bowman Bay Deception Pass State Park. George Grubb
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Mercer Slough alias Mercer Sewer

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Enatai Beach Park is a nice little park underneath 1-90. The actual put-in is very nice. There is a gentle winding sidewalk down the hill to the water from the parking area. NOTE: There are only a handful of parking places. There is also a straight shot driveway to the water. The actual put-in is one of the nicer ones around I've seen in awhile. It's basically a sandy gravely beach. Walk up and toss the kayak in. It's also free as well as the parking if you can get any. Winter is easier but still people don't work and hang out and take up the few slots for the dinosaur.

There is another put-in up the slough at a boat ramp called Sweylocken Boat Launch. It's accessed via SE 30th St from Bellevue Way. This ramp is where some power boats can launch. Power boats are theoretically not allowed north of the ramp. There is a small amount of parking. The trail system in the nature park crosses the dirt road to the ramp. So there is more to do in the park than just paddle.


Mercer Slough alias Mercer Sewer

The put-in is free and nice. I paddled from the Enatai Beach Park and as Google Maps calls it Newport Yacht Basin. OOh la la. Kind of rings of Lovey and Mr. Howell talking on 'Gilligan's Island.'

It's a quick hundred or so strokes form the Bellevue side of Lake Washington the Mercer Island. Turns out there's put-in directly across the lake under I-90 on the Island. The little place to park and fork over $11.00 USD for the pleasure is called Mercer Island Boat Launch. Eleven green backs is no big deal to most of the zillionaires around there. Plus they are really soaking the cash up from fishing addicts.

Oh by the way. There is a kayak rental called Cascade PaddleSports. Not sure when they are open. There wasn't a sign and I'm not going to look at their page. I have my own gear. If you need to rent some check them out. They did have prices listed and it appeared to extremely affordable. Something like 18 or so the first hour and $9.50 for each hour there after. These were the prices in late January 2017.

So back to the main paddle event.

The paddle from the put-in to the entrance of the slough was fun. Checking out the billionaire homes was kewl since I live in a dumpy trailer in the woods it was a treat to see how the rich and famous squander the Earth.

OK head under the GIANT roaring I-90. Wear hearing protection if you aren't from the Big Shitty and not used to MASSIVE highway noise. I knew in advance to expect it. A friend says it sounds like an ocean when you paddle away from it. Anyway, there are signs pointing the way through the smell of creosote soaked and smelling pilings. They heard paddlers and boaters into the slough like cattle into a slaughter house. And that's pretty much what I found in the slough.

WARNING: The slough is a toxic sewer.

I was absolutely appalled by the conditions. The water as coated with oil. The further up the slough the worse it got. Finally it was so horrible I remembered I had a cell phone and call the Bellevue Parks Department. I wanted to know if the oil was a natural phenomenon like the one on Jed Clampett property. I was informed "Oh no this is Bellevue run off." It wasn't the pretty looking rainbow like sheen we see in a parking lot on a puddle. One we can almost draw marbling found on books. The oil in the I imagined looked like something a lyposuction operation might be doing in one of the buildings along the slough and dumping into the water. It appeared to be grayish sort of in the old ice on lakes I paddled on recently that have been thawing. The ice was deteriorating in a old cottage cheese way. The oil reminded me of those images. If your into such things out of an industrial themed film like Eraserhead, this might be the place. The winters day and I'm not talking about Mama's Papas style but one where the Eraserhead tone of the water and dormant vegetation is site to see. When I was a kid bodies of water like this one caught used to catch on fire. I suggest a no smoking sign at the entrance as well. If you light up a joint back there it might be your last if you get fried. Carry a fire extinguisher now when paddling.

I was and still am totally grossed out. I have been to some serious shit holes while paddling but the Mercer Sewer takes the cake. There many and I mean many birds including lots of heroins lining the oil. Note this was winter. The person on the phone said it wasn't as gross in the summer when they took victims on tours out that thing.

I pity the lovely wildlife. I could go home and wash like after a bad sex scene.

I saw the future today.
I'm convinced the Mercer Sewer is the future. The Sachs Regime orange clown PIC, predator in charge that was elected to RAPE and destroy the Earth would be proud. "Ah it's just a little oil."

Anyway, no one reads this crap at this web site. But if anyone does do NOT wear a dry suit or wetsuit. You need a hazmat suit for this paddle.

I'm offend the park department, health departments city, county, state, EPA, Washington State toxic whatever has ignored Bellevue flushing their effing poison down the Mercer Sewer.

There needs to a skull and cross bones warning at the put-ins. "Paddle at your own risk." People tour Chernobyl now. The Big Shitty area has it's toxic Duwamish River and now I see their filthy little secret the Mercer Sewer.

I paddled past the split in the Slough. The eastern slough was oily. The western slough where I saw the first turtle of the year sunning was oil free.

I'm a gardener by trade. I watch all the ignoramuses in all the neighborhoods around the Big Shitty dumping the effing poisons down the drain like retarded old senile orange clowns.

If you're one of the I don't care because I don't have to crowd members, enjoy this paddle.

I would NOT recommend it for children.



This is an in city day paddle. But still bring some water and chow. That's because I did not see a single thing to eat anywhere this put in. Kind of a typical drive to everything of town.


Once again you are in the heart of the Big Shitty metroplex. Google a place to sleep if you aren't from around there paddle region. I'm un American. I have NO clue about hotels. I'm poor and sleep in the back of the truck. Saves money, hassle and bed bugs etc.

Fishing Reports, Stocking Reports & Fish Counts from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Things your need to know.
Read Me disclaimer, warnings, paddle at your own risk.

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Region: King County

Launch: Enatai Beach Park

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