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About Stuff Hound

Stuff Hound's goal is to index inventory in brick and mortar businesses that is produced, sold and bought locally.

Stuff Hound is a social shopping network where customers, merchants and producers can list local items and services for sale.

Find a good deal on items from A to Z. Find a good deal on grocery items, household items, transprotation, services and much more, list them here.


  • List stuff for sale in local brick and mortar stores.
  • Work with people you know to list and find stuff in local brick and mortar stores.
  • Form shopping clubs to help each other find stuff for sale locally.
  • Develop shopping buddies.
  • Alert shopping buddies about stuff they are looking for and sales.
  • Shop locally online and pick up in store.
  • Create shopping list and print to shop locally.
  • Make money listing brick and mortar store inventory.
  • Sign up today.
  • Questions? Ask here.
Example customer Stuff Hound listing for, turmeric Everett Washington