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Make Referrals to Stuff Hound and get paid $20.00.

Stuff Hound is a place where customers, merchants and producers can list local brick and mortar style items and services for sale.

Make merchant of producer referrals from your web site or from out on the street someplace and earn as much as $20.00 for each referral.

Stuff Hound Earn Money blog plosts. Get ideas on the ways you can makes some bucks using Stuff Hound.

All a referrer needs to do is have some familiarity with Stuff Hound, tell others, make a link from a web site, or make referrals in other locations like from home.

Make a referral and have the new paying BUSINESS or PRODUCER member enter your Stuff Hound handle and get paid when the new member pays the monthly membership fee at

People that refer new members and want to get paid need a account to receive the money for the referral.

People that refer new paying BUSINESS or PRODUCER members that pay will receive $10 a month as long as the member remains a paying member at Stuff Hound.

Sign up at Stuff Hound.

Put the following link on your web page.

Produce sell shop buy
local inventory brick & mortar services.

Stuff Hound Membership

Copy and paste the code above on a web page or blog.
Put your Stuff Hound user name where the code says YourStuffHoundHandle.

Want more information or have make a different ad link for your page? Ask using the contact button at the top of the page.

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