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Selling Stuff Hound

Stuff Hound is an online inventory service for shop, buy, sell and produce local brick and mortor merchants and customers. Stuff Hound is a social shopping site where both customers and merchants can list, follow, alert, tellothers, form shopping clubs and order online and pick up in the local brick & mortar.

Stuff Hound works for small businesses that are not chain operations on the New York Stock Exchange. Works for local small businesses that sell locally and want more business. There are a variety of small mom and pop type local businesses that can work well with Stuff Hound like retail stores, restuarants, delis, bakeries, coffee shops, some services and many others.

How it works
Sell Stuff Hound to local brick and mortar small businesses that are not chain stores on the NYC Stock Exchange etc.

  • Manage customer accounts at Stuff Hound
  • Create, edit, download and upload stuffhound.csv file.
  • Sell Stuff Hound ads
  • Sign up as a Stuff Hound member. In your account profile check the "I'm a seller agent."
  • Your Stuff Hound bio will then be listed in the agents section where people can contact you.

    Sales experience helpful
  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Excel and or OpenOffice Calc experience
  • Good customer service
  • Detail oriented
  • Motivated
  • Validated Stuff Hound member
  • Familiarity on how Stuff Hound works
  • Stuff Hound costs merchants $30 a month & $1 day for any ads.
  • You charge for your services managing customer accounts online.
  • Rates can be what the market will bare by the hour or flat rate that you charge and you keep.

    People that want to earn money can sell the services provided for by Stuff Hound. This is a face to face shop, buy, sell, produce locally site. It is designed for small business in local geographical areas to utilize Stuff Hound as sort of a person Amazon like online resource to increase business sales.

    It's also a social shopping network where member customers can work with other members including merchants to list, find Stuff and sell stuff. There are a variety of powerful tools avaiable to customers and merchants.

    Creative sales ideas

  • Established brick & mortars could offer Stuff Hound sales and services.
  • Sellers get a listing in Stuff Hound
  • Sales can be made anywhere with Internet connectivity. Think flea markets.
  • Organizations like chamber of commerce meetings.
  • Local news press releases & free seminars at libruries.
  • Word of mouth.
  • Door to door sales.
  • Online everywhere sales.
  • Legal businesses with licencses that can have merchants come to can get a listing in Stuff Hound like any other local merchant. So if you work from a home office and it's legal for customers to stop by you can list here.

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