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Why Stuff Hound?

Do you want me to lie to you or tell you the truth?

My rant regarding some reasons for Stuff Hound.

  • I'm not into shopping.
  • I have a life and not into driving around looking for stuff I want to buy locally.
  • What person in their right mind has the time to waster looking for stuff they need to buy locally.
  • Gas prices are only going to go up and up.
  • As gas prices go up the cost to purchase bananas goes from .69 a pound to much, much more.
  • Example. I wanted to buy some hand warmers. Not one single solitary merchant in the Seattle area listeda any hand warmers for sale online.
  • In fact few if any merchants list much of anything for sale locally online.
  • The Internet has been around for over two decades and local businesses and the community they are a part of are both dieing because not much is made locally, sold or bought locally.
  • Why would someone plant something in the ground or make something and not advertise online that it is vailable.
  • For example. I am interested in rhubarb. When and where is it available. Not one single producer is interested or has the smarts to let their customer base know they have something like rhubarb for sale.
  • Local brick and mortar businesses seem to be more interested in going out of business than learning how to use the resources of the Internet to empower their business and their communities.
  • Hopefully someday the businesses in the USA will wake up and start thinking out of the box to sell to people in their community by harnessing this technology.
  • Until then giant online retailers will take more of the pie and local businesses, workers and the rest of local communities in the USA will sufer more and more.
  • I can drive down the west coast of the United States or could before fuel goes through the roof. On my route I have NO clue what if anything I want or need is for sale. About the only places I could rely on food was a string of food co-ops. At least I could hope they might have things I could eat.
  • I've been self employed for most of my life. Since the 1990s I have gotten ALL of my business from online. I work locally and if my customers don't shop locally no one will be able to hire me locally.
  • If this country doesn't wake up and start producing, selling, shopping and buying lcoally we will all be dead locally.
  • Until business in the USA pulls its head out of the ground, people will need to shop more online. Customers are being driven away from buy locall buy businesses that are asleep at the wheel.
  • Since merchants are using stone age tools, customers must ban together and form social shopping networks.
  • In social shopping networks like at Stuff Hound, customers can list and work with buddies to form relationships and help each other find stuff they want and need to buy locally.
  • Customers will learn they can save money, time and energy.
  • Customers can take business matters in their own hands and share information and alert others about stuff they know is for sale locally.
  • Otherwise if customers rely on stone age merchants, there isn't any hope for finding stuff locally and for communities that need jobs and taxes to pay for services.